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School Advisory Council (SAC)


By law, every school in Florida must have a School Advisory Council (SAC). This council consists of teachers, support personnel, parents, student representatives, and community members. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the council must not be employed by Volusia County Schools. The School Advisory Council:

  • assists in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan
  • assists in the preparation of the annual school budget
  • decides how funds for school improvement will be spent
  • assists in prioritizing the needs of the school
  • assists in developing strategies to improve the areas of need
  • adheres to the Sunshine Law​

School Improvement Plan Spruce Creek El​ementary​

SAC MEETINGS DATES​​ 2022-2023 - 3:45pm in our Media Center 

  • September 27th 
  • October 25th 
  • November 29th 
  • January 31th 
  • February 28th
  • March 28th 
  • April 25th 
  • May 30th 


The people on this list represent the diverse ethnic, racial, and economic community served by this school. At least fifty-one percent (51%) of the SAC are parents and community members not employed at this school. (**Appointed​​, *Chairperson)

  • Amanda Birkhead (Parent)
  • Aubrey Breedlove (Student Representative)
  • Ava Chapman (Student Representative)
  • Nicole Chapman (**Business Partner/Parent)
  • Anamari Cork (Teacher)
  • Corinne DeArakal (Teacher)
  • Misty Dodds (Parent)
  • Andrea Hall (Principal)
  • Pamela Melton (Teacher)
  • Lynda Moore (Community Member)
  • Daniela Nunez (SAC Chair)
  • Amy Richardson (**Assistant Principal)
  • Phil Richardson (Parent)
  • Nancyjo Santee (Parent)
  • Patrick Schill (Community member)
  • Jessica Stipanovic (Parent)
  • Timothy Stipanovic (Student Representative)
  • Samantha Wedeh (Parent)
  • Mary Beth West  (Support Staff)


  • Work collaboratively to assist in the development of a School Improvement Plan to improve the performance of ALL students.
  • Participate regularly in School Advisory Council (SAC) meetings.
  • Participate in activities and training related to learning about the school improvement process.
  • Serve as a communication link between the SAC, the community, and the school.
  • Participate in efforts to support the goals of the school.

​District Advisory Council​​​